Netanyahu wants the Iranian troops away from Syria

JERUSALEM – The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants of Iranian involvement in the conflict in Syria. According to the Israeli tv that his response to the Russian proposal to ensure that pro-Iranian army units in Syria is at least 100 kilometres away, stay out of the demilitarized border zone with Israel on the golan heights.

Benjamin Netanyahu

There has, for years, a cease-fire. A high-ranking Russian delegation did that offer.

Netanyahu gave his interlocutors Sergey Lavrov and Valeri Gerasimov, respectively Foreign minister and chief of the general staff, however, has to understand that Jerusalem wishes that the Iranian armed forces and their allies in the long term completely disappear from Syria. He demanded, moreover, that Iran all long-range missiles and anti-aircraft batteries away from the neighboring country.

Netanyahu had for the consultations all emphasized that the agreement between Israel and Syria for troepenscheiding, the border needs to be respected. That agreement has since 1974, of power but was in danger after the outbreak of the civil war seven years ago. Israel opposes violently against the strengthening of the military position of Iran in Syria.

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