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Mesut Özil stops as the German international after political agitation about the photo with the Turkish president

The German Mesut Özil put a dot behind his interlandcarrière. That was announced by the 29-year-old midfielder of Arsenal on Sunday via Twitter. “I don’t feel more desirable when the Mannschaft”, tweette Özil. The 92-fold international picks up the criticism about his picture with the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan just before the world cup in Russia will no longer.

Özil and teammate Ilkay Gundogan were in the run-up to the world cup to be the butt of criticism after being in London on the picture were gone with Erdogan. That was when plenty of his election campaign to conduct. In Germany, echoed the call for Özil and Gundogan out of the world cup selection to make because they are willing to have use of the controversial Erdogan.

“In the past weeks asked me about the events of the last few months thinking”, begins Özil. “I am aware that the picture in the German media pressure was discussed, but there were no political intentions behind. The photo with Erdogan was just a sign of respect for the highest authority of the country from my family. For me, it didn’t matter who was president, it did just that the the president was. What the outcome of previous elections would have been, I would the photo is always taken. I am a footballer and not a politician. Also Erdogan played by the way in his youth, and we talked as we always do on that subject.”

Özil played a major role in the team that is in 2014 in Brazil to become world champion crowned. After the disastrous expired world cup in Russia, he received a lot of criticism, including from team manager Oliver Bierhoff and back Reinhard Grindel. Thereupon declared Özils father that it would be better that his son would stop if international.

“It is with pain in the heart that I made the decision I have taken but I will not do more for the German national team play after this form of racism and disrespect. The treatment I received from the German football association makes sure that I am not for the Mannschaft wants to come out,” said Özil in an open letter of three pages. “I feel no longer wanted and have the feeling that everything I’ve accomplished since my debut in 2009 has been forgotten. There is racism and a lack of respect. I wore the shirt of the German team with pride and joy, but that is now no longer so.”

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