Kim Kardashian sued for new perfume bottle

Host Kim Kardashian has officially filed a lawsuit on her leg. One of the bottles of her new perfume would be too much like the logo of a media company Vibes Media. The company claims damages and wants the still unsold bottles be destroyed.

Kim Kardashian, realityster and owner of parfummerk KKW FRAGRANCE, sit in dirty paper. One of the new perfume bottles, which she recently put on the market, would be to have the logo of Vibes Media. The bottle of Kardashian is in the form of a speech bubble with the word ‘Vibes’ in. And that could just be the logo of the media company Vibes Media.

The prosecutor is now demanding compensation and do not want the bottles still continue to be sold. The vials that are not yet out the door, sees the media company rather destroyed. Besides, it is not the first time that Kardashian is sued. Last year, hung her compensation above the head of a hundred million dollars to a pirated smartphonehoesje.

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