Huge stone falls from the wailing wall and fog old woman on a her

TEL AVIV – A praying woman at the wailing wall in Jerusalem is escapes from death when a stone of 100 kg falls down. On a video is the wonderful escape to see.

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On the video to see how the woman (right) to worse escapes.

An archaeologist on Monday, the place visited, warns that the whole wall is now a ’danger zone’. He saw cracks in several stones, that ’any moment on the heads of people can fall”. A team of specialists is currently investigating the old building.

The stone fell on a spot where women and men together may pray. There is usually less pressure. The incident happened a day after Tisha b’Av, on which Jews of the destruction of the two temples commemorate.

Stairs broken

The wailing wall is the remnant of the second Jewish temple in the first century after Christ by the Romans was destroyed. Because of the memorial visited by thousands of people last weekend, the Jews most important place in the world.

“I have heard nothing and nothing felt, to that stone right next to me landed”, said the startled woman on the right in the picture on the video after the incident. “There was a big hole in the ground, also the stair treads were broken. I didn’t understand where that stone came from.”

The rabbi was shocked, and

The rabbi of the wailing wall sees it as a sign that the stone a day after Tisha b’Av came down. He believes that Jews themselves, to become have to go. “This is an unusual and rare incident that for decades has not occurred,” said Shmuel Rabinovitsj.

“The fact that it happened a day after the destruction of the temples commemorated, raises questions and doubts to which the human soul can contain.”

Cause is unknown

It is unclear yet which the stone suddenly came down. From a research a couple of years ago, it emerged that a part of the stone is subject to heavy erosion.

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