Future sister-in-law of Meghan Markle was arrested again

4ced1d9a2383c5a3fa2c7176d501c061 - Future sister-in-law of Meghan Markle was arrested again

The 37-year-old Darlene Blount, the fiancee of Thomas Markle Jr, was last Friday arrested in Grants Pass, in the U.s. state of Oregon, on suspicion of assault. She was the next day released on bail. Reports that the British newspaper The Daily Mail. On new year’s eve ended up Blount also already behind bars after a drunken incident with her fiancé, the half-brother of Meghan Markle.

There are few details known about this incident, but according to a source from The Daily Mail is about domestic violence.

It is the second arrest of Blount in a few months. On new year’s eve called the woman to the emergency services with the message that her fiancé strange behaviour, and himself to the store. Once they arrived, the police, however, have little faith in the story of Blount and she was arrested on suspicion of assault. They stayed two nights in the cell and was then. There was ultimately no complaint filed against her.

The couple considered that incident as a ‘wake-upcall’ and decided to create work to their alcohol addiction to get. In January 2016, was Thomas Markle Jr yet arrested: he would be in a drunk mood a gun to the head of Blount.

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