Forest fires Sweden from space

STOCKHOLM – The forest fires in Sweden rage are now so great that they are from space. The European space agency ESA said on Monday that on satellite pictures, the flames and smoke of at least two fires are clearly recognizable.

ESA has published pictures of last week, when the burn was still significantly smaller. Also are the thick plumes of smoke are easy to distinguish from clouds. The artificial satellites that the earth is in the keep, prove their service in the investigation of fires in sparsely populated areas.

Due to the ongoing heat and drought is currently any spark of a threat to the Swedish forest. The bluswerkzaamheden have Sunday and Monday here and there have had success, but the largest forest fires are still not under control. The rescue services have their hope based on an unexpected change in the weather. At more than 25 sites with a total surface of 25,000 hectares digest flames nature.

At the request of the Swedish authorities for assistance through the civil protection programme of the European Union now has eight member states responded, a record. Italy has two fire-fighting planes sent, and France three. Germany sent five helicopters and Lithuania one. 140 Polish firefighters and 55 Danish help their Swedish colleagues. They have 56 vehicles included.

Also Austria and Portugal have auxiliaries sent, bringing total EU-men 340. “This is European solidarity at its best”, according to EU commissioner Christos Stylianides (crisis Management). “The fires in Sweden demonstrate that climate change is real and that no country is immune from natural disasters.”

Also Latvia, where in the noodwesten all 1000 hectares of peatland and forest in the axis is placed, has appealed to the EU. Finland and Greece, in a tourist resort not far from Athens, have also reported burning.

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