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Dash Embassy-CH launches Roadshow in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and Bitcoin for a hot topics of the future, for others, it is a book with seven seals. Terms that belong for many people, for the fixed use of language, to describe for other as-yet unknown worlds. In order to reduce this difference in level of knowledge, to provide users with a point of contact for questions and to also take advantage of the newcomers, the touch of fear, because to start the Dash to the Embassy-CH is now a cross-country series of events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

As the legitimate representative of the crypto-currency, Dash, after market capitalization of the currencies currently in 14th place among the largest Crypto, since it assumes the Dash Embassy-CH a official teaching – and information order in the German-speaking area. Against this Background, it starts for the first time, an information road show with more than 20 stations.

Free Workshops to Bitcoin, Blockchain and Dash

In the framework of the event series of three-hour, free Workshops will be held in different cities. In it experts to clarify the issues of monetary policy, Bitcoin, and Blockchain, Dash as digital cash, as well as law and tax. The speakers are next to the Dash Embassy-CH the Initiative Blockchain-Hotel eating, the tax software provider CryptoTax as well as the crypto-currencies specialist law firms, Wolf Theiss, Vienna, and Winheller from Frankfurt.

The Roadshow Workshops are aimed at anyone who is interested in the topic of crypto-currencies – from the current users who wants to know how to control solutions to future users that want to understand how crypto-currencies work, to dealers, think about it, crypto-currencies can be accepted as means of payment. Prior knowledge for the Workshop-participation is not required.

Location: University Of Mittweida

The Dash Roadshow starts today with the kick-off event at the University of Mittweida, Saxony.
In addition, events in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Vienna. Details of the other stations can be found on the Website of the Dash to the Embassy.
Support the Roadshow by the Blockchain Association.

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