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Cryptocurrency Thieves: A Virtual Wealth To Real Violence

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With the increase in the prices of digital currencies, the number of thefts increased in connection with crypto-currencies. Kriminielle catch now on, your focus on the virtual Range fix, instead of the traditional.

Last December, kidnapped Kidnapper an employee of a British crypto-exchange, and demanded $1 Million dollars in Bitcoin as ransom. Pavel Lerner, one of the Top analysts and Blockchain experts of the company, it was with force of 6 armed and masked men on 26. December kidnapped. Fortunately, Lerner has been released, after the company EXMO paid the 7-figure ransom.

A couple of weeks later, history repeated itself in Phuket, Thailand. A pair of armed criminals broke into the Apartment of a young Russens, blindfolded him, and forced him $100,000 US to transfer dollars to an unknown Wallet address. After the Transfer, you let go of Him.

In New York a man of his colleague was to do this, Ethereum is worth $forced 1.8 million US to transfer dollars. The New York County District Attorney, according to the criminal by the name of Louis Meza forced his victim in an underground garage at gunpoint to hand over his keys, cell phone and wallet.

Meza brought his victim to the Apartment where the robbery took place. The following is an excerpt from the report of the Prosecutor is:

“The video surveillance, which was later taken from the home of the victim, showed Meza with the victim’s stolen set of keys as he the apartment of the victim enters with a box, in the Wallet of the victim was suspected, and left. Further records show that the defendant transferred soon after the theft of the Wallets for about $ 1.8 million in the Ether on his own personal account.“

Why Virtual Currencies?

Thanks to the anonymity and Unfälschbarkeit of the Blockchain crypto-currencies can be transferred without problems to the wallets of the criminals. Add to that the fact that there is no middle-man can stop the transaction, the criminal, after a successful RAID high probabilities has to keep his stolen goods.

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