Collomb plays zwartepiet in affair-Benalla

French Interior minister Gérard Collomb, president Emmanuel Macron informed immediately about the images in which Macrons security manager is a blow out on a may 1-protester. That said Collomb in the French parliament. Meanwhile, the president of his visit to the Tour de France is cancelled.

Minister of Home Affairs, Gérard Collomb was Monday for the committee of inquiry appear, that examines why Alexandre Benalla is not in the accusation was made after his crackdown during a 1 may demonstration. The personal bodyguard of president Macron was filmed when he demonstrators violently dealt with a politiehelm on the head and a band around the arm, while he there only as an observer was present.

Collomb confirmed that he is the images on 2 may had seen, and said that he and the office of the president it had gebriefd. He was afterwards, as an answer that the bodyguard punished would be. Then took the minister, no action. “I assumed that the facts were followed by the proper authorities, and kept me there so no more working on it.’

“I get criticism because I take the thing to the attorney doorspeelde, but that is not the job of a minister,’ says Collomb. ‘That is at the head of the police and the office of the president.” The minister spoke last weekend to say ‘as little as possible’ with the president about the matter. According to him, is Macron more concerned about the delay its reforms up through the whole affair.

Macron is silent

Benalla was Friday, until dismissed, after Le Monde images of the incident public was created in which the security manager is recognizable came into view. He was previously Benalla 15 days suspended, but in the meanwhile, the bodyguard, the work resumed. The president is blamed for not fast and hard enough to have occurred. Only Sunday was Benalla by the police on suspicion of ‘assault group’.

Also the head of the police in Paris, Michel Delpuech, Monday was on the schedule laid by the parliamentary commission, Thursday, following the secretary-general of the Elysée, and Alexis Kohler. President Macron itself has not yet commented on the case, but government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux left Monday morning to know that the president is ‘very determined’ to get it all to clear up. Wednesday would Macron a visit to the caravan of the Tour de France, but that visit was already cancelled. Too delicate in this storm?

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