Chinese president receives Belgian top-class horse gift

Gallardo J, an Arabian horse bred in Belgium, moved to China. Last weekend, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the horse, that has already several prestigious beauty pageants won, Chinese president Xi Jinping.

‘For us, this is an incredibly great honor”, underlined the Kempische Christine Jamar, owner of breeding Jadem Arabians, Gallardo J in 2014 in Bales born saw. “There are a lot of Arabian horses in the Emirates. The crown prince wanted the Chinese president only the best of the best to give.’

“That he is for Gallardo J chose, it is a great honor. Because no matter how you look at it, Gallardo was born and raised in Belgium. A top Belgian product. Belgium is not only big in the world of the jumpers, but apparently also with the Arabian horses.’

‘Gallardo J has in his career won everything there is to win”, refers Jamar, among others, to the victory in 2015 in the Dubai International Horse Championship, a beauty contest, similar to the meetings of Aachen and Spruce Meadows in the jumping. In 2016, it won Gallardo J the world CHAMPIONSHIP for Arabian horses in Paris. Earlier that year he had also been the best in the All Nations Cup in Aachen, and won the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Lier, organized. Achievement awarded with the Triple Crown.

According to Jamar open may doors for her company in China. “We lonkten long been to China but were there not within. Purely economically, this would be the opening of the port to get the better audience in China can do. The prince also had a car, a show jumper or something else can give. That he is an Arabian horse chose, is very important for us and our fellow-breeders of Arabian horses.’

“The father and the mother of Gallardo J were also bred. This is the fifth generation of my breeding. We are enormously proud. The news is in the Emirates, all Arab countries as well as in China a headline. I am currently in Brazil and I am here also asked about it. Our entire world is currently upside down. I was already known to be a good breeder, but this beats everything.’

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