Care CELEBRITIES about statements minister Block

“Politicians of our age seem to be more and more common to find active to call for a division in our society. Statements ten, twenty years ago were unimaginable, without hesitation from the solution.”

That write sixty actors, scientists, journalists, artists, makers, writers and poets in an open letter to the Volkskrant. Among others, Geert Mak, Claudia de Breij, Anja Meulenbelt, Bénédicte Ficq, Hans Laroes and Bart Chabot are very worried about the tenor of the public debate on migration and integration.

Following are the recent statements of minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs. Therein he states, inter alia, that the multicultural society is nowhere really to succeed. According to the letter writers put this kind of claims, ’our peaceful society under pressure”.

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