British supermarket chain performs ‘quiet hours’ for autistic clients

55ca0902a1a031bf5aa88e3677743a82 - British supermarket chain performs ‘quiet hours’ for autistic clients

Morrisons, the fourth largest supermarket chain in Britain, has a ‘quiet hour’ was introduced in all its branches. That should be shopping more enjoyable for people who are hard to can with supermarktgeluiden.

“A lot of people with autism, or parents with children with autism, find it very difficult to go to a supermarket to come’, it sounds in a blog post on the website of Morrisons. “Earlier this year we have geëxperimteerd with a “quiet hour” and also to discover when that best occurs.’

Now it will be in any Morrisons branch on Saturday morning from 9 to 10 hours a lot quieter. Music and radios are switched off, communications through the intercom are to be avoided, it is not with trolleys driving around, cashier’s blessing, no “beep” anymore, and that everything is under slightly dimmed lights. A poster at the input of customers enjoin to silence.

The initiative was developed in collaboration with the British national autismevereniging, explains Morrison. ‘A “quiet hour” is a step in the right direction for autistic people who supermarktbezoek a real struggle to find, ” Daniel Cadey, president of the National Autistic Society, in the blog post cited.

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