Bella Hadid in Tokyo with The Weeknd

0bc599afcfa587ade1284d7de18b7160 - Bella Hadid in Tokyo with The Weeknd

The set, that is, in 2016, broke, seem to aim at a reunion, after they already were spotted in Cannes.

It seems once again quite thick mik between Bella Hadid and The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye. The two are in the last days seen together in Tokyo, where Abel Bella went to the Robot Restaurant, a well-known case where between the courses, a theatre performance takes place with monsters, beasts, and robots. The singer shared a video on his InstaStories, in which Bella wide, laughing to see during the show.

Bella and Abel were previously set, but went down in 2016 from each other. The Weeknd was then something with Selena Gomez, who him then to the side, to her relationship with Justin Bieber again to life. Not long after, Bella and Abel back together and they were during the Cannes film festival last may be particularly closely to each other spotted.

Although Bella and Abel is officially not yet out have brought back together, the rumors about their reunion now for a few months around.

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