Actress jumps into the breach for redundancies ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’director

bb718bb97e3c66a416e8253546aa5ecc - Actress jumps into the breach for redundancies 'Guardians of the Galaxy'director

Selma Blair, known for her roles in ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘The Sweetest Thing’ and ‘Hellboy’, urges Disney to James Gunn again as director of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3’. Gunn was last Friday sacked after some of the news media, old posts from the filmmaker on social media had raked up, in which he talked about rape and pedophilia.

According to Gunn, the old tweets “taboegrappen”, meant to shock. After the tweets Friday up to conservative media outlets, decided to parent company Disney, however, Gunn unceremoniously to the door.

Saturday started Blair on a campaign for Disney to persuade Gunn once again to take as a director of the new ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’. On Twitter, the actress following call: “TAKE JAMES GUNN TO sign the petition! Punish people while they are changed, which teaches people about their own mistakes to face and evolve? This man is one of the good ones”, what it sounds like.

The American director Joe Carnahan informed the day before yesterday also the petition, which at that point all around the 64,000 signatures collected.

Also, ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’actor Dave Bautista took it the day before yesterday on Twitter for Gunn: “@JamesGunn is one of the most loving, good-natured people I have ever met. He has made mistakes. We all have that. I am NOT in agreement with what happens to him.”

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