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WhatsApp performs global limitation in after a series of murders in India

Soon you will be WhatsApp messages, but to twenty contacts can forward. The message service, in 2014 to 16 billion was purchased by Facebook, wants to the dissemination of haatberichten limit. The decision was taken after numerous lynching in India.

In the past two months only been in India for more than twenty murders on the basis of rumors that were spread through WhatsApp. It went to citizens who have the law in their own hands, names and alleged perpetrators of child abductions to the life brought. After research proved the allegations often wrong, but when was the harm had already been done.

In order that murders and other hate crimes – against, run WhatsApp is now a worldwide limitation. Messages can have up to twenty contacts to be forwarded. Until now that was even more than 250, to a maximum that users rarely reached. In India, the country where, according to Facebook the majority of messages, photos and videos are shared, it is even restricted to five contacts. In addition, removes WhatsApp, also the ‘Quick Forward’, a function that is the button that appears next to photos, videos and links which makes your message easier to forward.

“We are shocked by the violence in India and that is why we carry a number of product changes,” said a spokesman of the messaging system. “We want the issue of haatberichten tackle. A challenge that a joint action is required of the community, the government and technology companies.’

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