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Vandoorne after 13th place: “What a strange race”

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Stoffel Vandoorne was thirteenth at the Grand prix of Germany. The Belgian speaks of a “foreign race” and hopes for a speedy recovery for the next race in Hungary.

By the gridstraffen of Daniel Ricciardo and Pierre Gasly started Stoffel Vandoorne as eighteenth to the GP of Germany. Even though he has no way to could make in the early stages, helped the rain to end up as the thirteenth ending.

“It was a very strange race,” says Vandoorne. “We had a dramatic first part of the race. We drove for almost last, as we to be honest actually, the whole weekend did.”

Then it was Vandoorne to deal with a motorprobleem.

“We thought We had to give up but then we found the right institution to do more to drive. We had to continue with a little less power than normal, but we could at least back racing.”

The rain helped Vandoorne then to a few places to make up: “When it rained we made the right decision not to pits for intermediates. This meant that we were a number of places to make up. Thirteenth was probably the highest attainable.”

Now hopes Vandoorne that McLaren’s problems with his car problems, something that already since the previous race in Britain is a problem.

“The important thing now is to arrive in Hungary with a normal car,” decided Vandoorne.

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