Taylor Swift gets praise for a concert in the rain

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Even if it was the rain pouring down, Taylor Swift gave her fans what they came for: a dazzling show. Literally and figuratively in this case. The singer was soaked to the bone, but didn’t know and just went by, something her fans are very appreciated.

Taylor Swift

On social media appeared one after the other positive message about Taylor, who not took to a soaking wet outfit, or smeared makeup. As if there was nothing going on, Swift her songlist of nineteen songs, to the delight of the audience.

“Fantastic Taylor Swift, that you are in this zeikregen by are gone and the best production have ever placed! And you didn’t even had a poncho on, such as I,” writes a fan. Another says: “TS to rock this evening in New Jersey in the pouring rain. No technical problems, but just a super sleek action. Taylor and her team deserve all the praise! This was one of the best concerts I ever to’ve been.”

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