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So, Tomorrowland tribute to Avicii

Loved 2016 ugly house among the well-established values in the pop music, with the deaths of Leonard Cohen, Prince and David Bowie, 2018 the younger talents of coined. That the controversi …

Loved 2016 ugly house among the well-established values in the pop music, with the deaths of Leonard Cohen, Prince and David Bowie, 2018 the younger talents of coined. The controversial rapper XXXTentacion (20) was shot in a brutal attack, had himself quite a feel on hiphopfestivals Fire is Gold, and Woo Hah. There were his songs regularly by the speakers and was a shrine set up where fans a message could be left.

At the dance festival Tomorrowland, there is no escape Avicii. In april at the age of 28 died, Tim Bergling was always a welcome guest at the festival, with five passages. But the Scandinavian fairy tale of Avicii – a bedroom in Stockholm to a private jet to Ibiza in a few years time – went too fast. On his 26th announced Bergling his retirement, to escape the pressure of the tourleven. Two years later he died, in a hotel room in Oman. Supposedly, he got himself out of life.

Now reverberate with songs like ‘Levels’ during the sets of other dj’s. But also in the field let his absence be felt. On the wooden walkway that the festivalpark in The Hoarse crosses is a memorial made: a heart with a picture of the dj in his characteristic pose, one hand in the air, and the caption: ‘forever in our hearts’. You would be there so walk past, were it not that it is under a giant metal construction of Arne Quinze is located.


That seems to be still drawing of attention, appears in Martin (19). The German did not know that Tomorrowland a Avicii-memorial had been decorated and is pleasantly surprised. ‘I make music and Avicii was a hero for me. It is good that it is here and not right next to the stage and then you can go here to relax. What is this in me loosing? Especially that the immense pity is that I never live, I was able to see.”

Individuals hold halt at the heart for a moment, hands in the side, deep sigh. But there are also miscreants with the schoenpunt on Berglings image push. Luc (54) stores the compassionately observed. “I understand that people have the commemorative walk because they have not seen, but this demonstrates a lack of respect. And that earned Avicii. I am already fourteen years to Tomorrowland and got him a few times to play: his music spoke to me. It was also a driven man, hey, unfortunately, has him killed. Every time I pass, I stop for a moment. I notice that I am not the only. As a young man who died: it makes you speechless. Also here.”

The same is true for Liège, Roberto (37) ‘One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember’ on his T-shirt next to a photo of Bergling – he poses proudly next to the heart. “My sister, who was also at the festival, had told me that here, a memorial plaque was. That is why I wanted to come and watch. I followed Avicii long and I saw him play here in 2012, so his death has me very distraught. The way he music saw, was truly special – it was an artist. The memorial was for me also a lot bigger.’


Saturday night were Roberto’s prayers listened to. When ontrolden 200 Sweden to the festival were down on the main stage a one-metre long flag with the face of Bergling, during the set of the Dutchman Nicky Romero. Also there was the legend of Roberto’s T-shirt – a phrase from Avicii’s track ‘The nights’ – written out.

“That initiative came from the visitors themselves,” says Tomorrowland-spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen. The organization had the tributes themselves aware of subtle held. “We suspected that a lot of dj’s already songs of Avicii would be playing, and we wanted to give them the freedom to be that way on their own to fill in. But yesterday left Studio Brussels at the memorial two strings are ‘Wake me up’, and today there are the Swedes. It lives so.’

“I do not think that there is someone Avicii don’t know,” says Marijke (28) while they went to the memorial looks. She points to her arms and legs. ‘Goose bumps, I get it. You always think you are that top djs a great life. But if you go to the documentary look about him made you realize that those people are kapotgeleefd. Actually, it is appropriate that the tribute here: he has Tomorrowland along great, and Tomorrowland him.”

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