Sad Özil stops as a German international

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Mesut Özil on Twitter announced that he immediately stops if international of Germany.

Mesut Özil stops immediately if international of Germany

The 29-year-old midfielder of Arsenal played in 92 international matches in which he 23 times scored. “With pain in my heart, I’m as international as long as I have racism and a lack of respect feel,” said Özil. He was in the 2014 championship, with the Germans, but flew there this year already in the group stage.

Özil denounces the attitude of the German football association (DFB) and especially of president Reinhard Grindel.


Also retrieves the footballer of the Season to a number of politicians, among them Bernd Holzhauer. The SPD-politician spoke in unflattering bewoordigingen about Özil and Ilkay Gundogan after the two Turkish president Erdogan had met.

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Özil: “I would picture with Erdogan again’

Özil and fellow international Gundogan visited in London Erdogan and also went with him on the photo. That caused a lot of criticism. Özil responded to Sunday, not on the fuss. On Twitter he reported earlier in the day that he is the controversial picture would make.

Podolski and Klose

Özil also made the comparison with Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose, with whom he samenspeelde in the national team. ,,They were never German Poland called, but I know German Turk. Is that because the Turkey? Or is it because I is muslim? I am born and trained in Germany, so why accept people not that I German am?”

Below you can read his comprehensive statement:

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