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Regulation echo, KW#29 – The sun rises in the East (except in Vietnam)

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In the past week a lot of is around the globe time and again in terms of regulatory events. In our Regulatory response we look back at the week end and summarize what was thought about when, where, and by whom said, or decided.

Thailand: Bond Coin for faster processing of the bond business

The Thailand Bond Market Association (TBMA) of the Thai stock exchange Supervisory authority for permission to develop a Blockchain solution for trading bonds (Bonds). As reported by the Bangkok Post, said the TBMA, that will begin next month with the development of the Blockchain application. According to Chaitat Prachuabdee, the Executive Vice President of the TBMA should improve with the new infrastructure, the transparency of the information about bonds and the transaction can shorten the time of currently 7-10 days to only 1-3 days.

Russia: the White list of the crypto-company released

The Russian Association for crypto-currencies and Blockchain (RACIB) has created a white list, on the you collects trusted companies in the areas of crypto Mining, crypto-Investment and crypto marketing or ICO have started. The white list is to provide the positive counter-examples to fraudulent companies that it is possible to put crypto-criminals the craft.

Bulgaria: financial market Supervisory authority informed about crypto-currencies

The Bulgarian financial market Supervisory authority will begin to observe the crypto market, as well as in the country carried out the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). So you want to develop measures against money laundering and fraud. On the Website of the Agency, defined, among other things, the elaboration of a set of rules and the establishment of innovation Hubs as destinations.

Iran: crypto-currencies to the U.S. to circumvent sanctions?

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran think about it, crypto-currencies, the sanctions of the USA Dodge. Accordingly, the global hegemony of the US dollar was able to enforce the Central Problem for Iran, by the American economic sanctions. Mohammad Reza Pour-Ebrahimi, the Chairman of the economic Committee, plans to put the issue back on the Agenda of the Iranian Parliament.

China: the Blockchain is the key technology for the new digital economy.

Xin Guobin, Deputy Director of the Chinese Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) intends to make the Blockchain as a key technology for the new digital economy. As the Website of the MIIT promulgated, Xin Guobin of the opinion that an adaptation of Blockchain applications in the economy and society of his country of strategic importance.

Japan: FSA establishes Department strategy development and Management

The Japanese financial market regulator FSA has established a new Department to better serve the rapidly changing situation in the crypto – and the Fintech area. The new Strategy Development and Management Bureau (SDMB) will deal with the issues of crypto-currency, regulatory and money laundering. It will also be responsible for regulatory policies and new financial policies develop.

Vietnam: Import of Mining-Hardware exposed to

The Vietnamese Central Bank to suspend the Import of Mining Hardware. As Viet Nam News reported, had ordered the Ministry of industry and trade, the temporary import ban. Accordingly, the suspension should improve the power supply in Vietnam, as the use of crypto-miners had affected or impaired. With the ban on the use of crypto is to currencies as an alternative means of payment can be prevented. Crypto were banned currencies in Vietnam in the past year.

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