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Lewis Hamilton escapes punishment and keeps victory in GP of Germany

87cad05ad0db2dee82acfa61f9a77b2b - Lewis Hamilton escapes punishment and keeps victory in GP of Germany

Lewis Hamilton had a moment to fear that he his victory at the GP of Germany would lose. The Brit was, indeed, the stewards called for a strange manoeuvre from him almost into the pits. Hamilton does, however, retain his victory, and gets only a reprimand.

After a thorough study, the stewards decided that Hamilton actually the rules violation was, but that a so-called warning or reprimand is better appropriate than an actual penalty. Such a penalty would imply that Hamilton his victory would lose.

In determining the actual ‘punishment’ was, according to the stewards took into account the fact that both the team and the rider, their error is recognized and that there is confusion about the fact whether the rider within had come. There was also taken into account the fact that the error occurred during a safety car period.

According to the stewards was the change of direction is performed in a secure way and there was at no time a danger to other riders. There was, moreover, taken into account previous breaches of the relevant rule, and that’s why it seemed the stewards be more appropriate in this case, a reprimand in the place of a penalty.

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