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Lewis Hamilton during GP of Germany was elected ‘Driver of The Day’

Lewis Hamilton is during the spectacular expired GP of Germany was elected ‘Driver of The Day’.

On Saturday had Hamilton still a mental uppercut to collect after he is in qualifying his car on the side had to turn it off. The Brit had to take the race on the fourteenth place on the grid to begin but that did not prevent him to eventually claim the victory to claim.

In a spectacular expired race at the Hockenheimring benefited Hamilton make the most of the very costly mistake of championship rival Sebastian Vettel to the maximum number of points to conquer and the leadership to intervene in the world championship standings.

On the fourteenth place have to leave and in the midst of difficult weather conditions and still achieve victory, knew the F1 fans clearly appreciate because they elected Hamilton for the second race in a row to the ‘Driver of The Day’. It is the third time this season that Hamilton has that honor.

Summary of winners ‘Driver of The Day award:
GP of Australia: Fernando Alonso
GP of Bahrain: Pierre Gasly
GP of China: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Azerbaijan: Charles Leclerc
GP of Spain: Lewis Hamilton
GP of Monaco: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Canada: Sebastian Vettel
GP of France: Sebastian Vettel
GP of Austria: Max Verstappen
GP of Great Britain: Lewis Hamilton
GP of Germany: Lewis Hamilton

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