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How the child of Kosovar refugees Ultratoprecord broke

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Dua Lipa took the hit singles and festival stages to each other. After Pukkelpop and Werchter may the British-Kosovo singer, who with ‘One kiss’ for 13 weeks at 1 in the Flemish Ultratop, now Tomorrowland on her resume writing. That felt a bit like coming home.

Thirteen weeks is ‘One kiss’ by Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris on 1 in the Flemish Ultratop 50. This breaks the 22-year-old singer a record: never occupied a female artist, the longer the lead. Even more: only four singles were ever longer. Two of them are of the inevitable Ed Sheeran, one of Justin Timberlake, and the absolute record-holder is ‘Kvragetaan’ of Fixkes, with 16 weeks at the top of the counter.

But ‘One kiss’ is still a chance on the record: any Dua Lipa-fatigue turned out Saturday at Tomorrowland no question. It was there that the British-Kosovo singer the valley for the Organ or Harmony stage of flooding. ‘And that while we seem to be the first pop act that here occur’, wonder Lipa during her show. That info is not quite right – Oscar and the wolf played here last year – but we give it to her gladly.

It is hard not to cheer for Lipa. They came in 1995 in the world in London – her parents were to the British capital fled the war in Yugoslavia to escape. On her eleventh returned the family back to its roots in the Kosovo capital of Pristina, but it would be the ambitious Dua not stay long. They wanted to return to London, to a music career to pursue. A risk of 1 in 1 million, 2500 kilometres from home. “And yet, I felt confident’, said Lipa in april to The Observer. “I told my parents just that my main goal was to later to a good British university, and therefore I had to be high points in English language education. At age fifteen, I was allowed to leave.”

Champions League

In London unfolded the tale further. Lipa wrote in to the Sylvia Young Theatre School, where Amy Winehouse studied. They earned the cost in nightclubs and as a model, and began with covers of, among others, Nelly Furtado on YouTube post – the Portuguese-Canadian singer was the first of whom Lipa an album bought. She was picked up by record label Warner, brought in 2017 her self titled debut album, and immediately became the most streamed British woman of 2017. Also this year she put her dominance by: Lipa became the first woman five nominations wegkaapte at the Brit Awards, she hosted the opening ceremony for the Champions League final, and according to the rumor mill she would become the theme song for the new bond film may deliver.

It is a busy schedule for a 22-year-old, but Lipa seems accurate to deal with them: she is a pop star who had everything in your hands. In her texts come together, they are an update of the girl power of the 90’s with an impeccable sense of relationship observations. With one hit single after the other soundtrackt they full liefdeslevens. Of the verleidingsfase (‘One kiss’) to the relationship itself (‘Be the one’), the inevitable break (‘IDGAF’), the post-rebound (the‘Scared to be lonely’) and the reforms in retrospect (‘New rules’) – all top 10 singles in our country, by the way.

Tears in Antwerp

It was also in Belgium that, for the first time to a Lipa sunk in that it really do the trick, with that popcarrière. “When I stood at the podium in the Antwerp Lotto Arena, I got suddenly a euphoric feeling,” she said in GQ. “It was the largest room in which I had played, and all of a sudden hit me that I’m not the support act was. With tears in my eyes, and I vowed at that moment never to be forgotten.’

It is likely that they are there after this Tomorrowland-passage, a reminder may add. They came on just before ‘her good friend’ Martin Garrix – the Dutch top-dj was partly responsible for her ‘Scared to be lonely’. And after more difficult passages in the past years at Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop must be The Organ or Harmony a bit have felt like coming home. The bubblegumfactor in her music misstond not in the between stages full of pop-dj’s, and her low, rich voice found an echo in thousands of throats.

Lipa’s show brought, although not continuous, sweaty dansfestijn for which other stages at the festival to guarantee. But after two days clash with pounding beats was such a simple popconcertje a nice change of pace: straight forward, sing along and watch with a sophisticated choreography and a solid live band. Like you are also from the Tomorrowland-escapism as a respite.

Dua Lipa (****), seen on 21/7 in Tomorrowland, Boom. On Thursday 16/8 at Pukkelpop.

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