Heidi Klum: liefdestatoeage for Tom?

Has Heidi Klum of her love for Tom is now sealed with a tattoo? That asks Bild off after seeing her Instagram Story in which they have a photo of her wrist with the ’work of art’ shares.

The love of the much younger Tom Kaulitz does Heidi Klum shine

It seems, according to the German magazine sounds a lot like a liefdestattoo. Since the former model, all times in the public tortelt with her 28-year-old Tom Kaulitz, no one need be surprised that they choose the first letter of his name on her wrist.

Across that, but according to the German magazine can be the symbol how you look at it or look at it, only mean one thing. Since none of the names of her children or her parents with the letter T starts, it must be for her sixteen-year-younger friend.

That Heidi is her love which is often, literally, “under her skin let creep”, makes it even more likely that also this time to a liefdesbetuiging. Her ex-husband Seal she was his whole name tattooing – now replaced by the four stars that symbolize her children. Her ex-boyfriend Vito Schnabel had to do with a small V on the inside of her ring finger.

It might even be that they are, therefore, now for a less permanent imprint, and on yourself with a ballpoint pen and started work.. in any case, her forearm now, a lot of attention and raises the liefdesgeruchten between the two even more.

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