First student, David Bowie under the hammer

The first student, in which David Bowie, who was then 16 years old, to hear, in september will be auctioned. Expected to have to piece from 1963, more than eleven thousand euro. This is reported in The Mirror.

David Bowie

Bowie, along with his then-band The Konrads to hear while the song is I Never Dreamed sings. Although he was the saxophonist of the group, he performed the unreleased number. It was at that time rejected by record company Decca.

David Hadfield, the ex-drummer of The Konrads, the special piece is now on the auction, after he the in the 90’s ever in a bread basket found. “David had really zero interest to singer, he had his sights on put to the best saxofoonspeler in the world. Our manager asked if we have a demo tape could make, so he had a gig for us could be arranged. I found that David was the most suitable person was to sing, so in the end, this is the very first song that he has sung,” said Hadfield.

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