Erica Terpstra writes children’s book

Erica Terpstra has a children’s book written in the new exhibition on Buddha in The New Church in Amsterdam. A nod of the Buddha, with illustrations of Geertje Alders, released in september.

The book tells the ex-politician and two Dutch children, Gina and Wendy, who seek out the life story of Buddha. Terpstra calls himself a ” forever student of buddhism.” She has the Dalai Lama, who is the exhibition open, face-to-face. “In my television interview with the Dalai Lama, he told me how important it is to have children not only with cognitive lessons to educate, but understand with your heart: where love, respect, and compassion, and a starring role in the play. Here is my book about it.”

The exhibition The life of Buddha, the road to now is from 16 september in The New Church. The exhibition shows a wealth of millennia-old objects and contemporary art’, says the cultural institution. Traditionally appears at the wintertentoonstellingen in The New Church for a children’s book.

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