Debra Tate supports yet Tarantino’s Manson film

The new project from director Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, was initially not well received by the sister of actress Sharon Tate. Now Debra Tate, changed his mind, she tells TMZ.

Debra Tate

Debra gives her full support to the project. “The film is not what people would expect if they the name of Tarantino and Manson in the same sentence to hear,” she explains. Tarantino also changed the release date, so it no longer coincides with the anniversary of the death of Sharon.

The film is set in the hippie-Hollywood of 1969, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in the lead role. This would be the well-known murders by the Manson Family, under the leadership of Charles Manson, a role to play. Sharon Tate, then married to director Roman Polanski and turns up very pregnant, was in August 1969 by the group killed. Actress Margot Robbie would play the role of Sharon.

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Debra Tate came in revolt against the movie, because she was afraid that Charles Manson would glorify. According to the filmmaker himself will be the murders, but a small role in the film. The story is mainly about a decayed westernheld, played by DiCaprio, and his former stuntman, played by Pitt.

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