Bizarre: with an old hospital wheelchair put garbage outside… halfnaakt

It seems to be a trend: English with an old hospital wheelchair are shooting while they are the garbage to be put outside in so little clothing…

Lisa Appleton knows no shame

It leads to surprisingly embarrassing photos of stars who desperately got some minutes of fame seem to want to tackle. For example, ex-Big Brother contestant Lisa Appleton its container on the way with a modest badjasje about her nachthemdje. The jacket knows her pink string not to cover it, but let it be clear: that is not the intention in this shameless trend.

Therefore, Ex-on-the-Beach-contestant Gemma Lucy the jacket at all but omitted, and she is only in translucent underwear to the garbage container. Mirror put more photos of stars who got caught were during the outside of the garbage, but not decent to dress up. About trash talking about…

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