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Wes Anderson gets free play in the museum

Wes Anderson likes nothing better than a world of its own forge, where it was always nicer, more exciting and charmanter than in the reality. The American director will be now also for the first time, an exhibition bringing together for the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum.

The Kunsthistorisches Museum tackles this fall with an exhibition that is curated by director Wes Anderson (of Moonrise kingdom, The royal Tenenbaums and The grand Budapest hotel) and his partner Juman Malouf, illustrator and costume designer.

“It is something we’ve never done before,” says curator Jasper Shapr in the video message that the exhibition The spitzmaus mummy in a coffin and other treasures announces.

The duo will get access to the full collections of the museum with more than four million objects, including ancient Greek and Roman artifacts, paintings of the old masters, Egyptian mummies, and historical musical instruments. For Anderson and Malouf, it is the first time that they play as guest curators.

The exhibition opens on 6 november and runs until 28 april. You can now have all of your ticket reservations. Then, the exhibition will travel to the Fondazione Prada in Milan. That location is not unknown for fans of Anderson, because he if there is the café upstairs.

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