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Underwater museum for the coast of Florida opened

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It has been around longer in Mexico and Lanzarote, but now also has the first underwater museum in the United States opened its doors.

Two miles off the coast of Walton County, Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, and eighteen feet deep is the Underwater Museum of Art (UMA). The access is free, but interested parties must have their own equipment to bring.

The sculptures revolve mainly around the theme of maritime. For example, among other things, a propeller, an octopus, and the image of a duikapparaat of the French onderwaterarcheoloog Jacques Cousteau is to be admired. Some artists were even more creative: a pineapple, a deer and a skull surprise the fish on the seabed.

There will be annual new images be launched.

Diving paradise

In the vicinity of the Florida Keys, on the southern part of the Sunshine State, is, since 1965, at eight metres depth to the sculpture ‘Christ of the Abyss’. That bronze Jezusbeeld weighs 1.8 tonnes, and the outstretched arms reach to the surface of the water.

In the neighborhood were also twenty ships scuttled to make artificial reefs to create. So is the wreck of the Hoyt S. Vandenberg is a popular destination of divers. In the Gulf of Mexico lies also in 2006, the sunken wreck of the 280-metre-long aircraft carrier USS Oriskany, which, among other in the Korean War (1950-53) and the Vietnam war (1965-75) was used.

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