This is the controversial North/south metro line in Amsterdam

Saturday is the North/south metro line put into use in Amsterdam. On the first day, names of 60,000 people, the new connection between the two sites, separated by the IJ. Or how a probleemdossier still a good ending.

Anyone who has ever visited Amsterdam can tell you: who of the northern part of the Dutch capital to the southern part of wild, had no other choice than to wait for ‘the ferry’ over the river IJ. That is now past: since Saturday is a commuter rail connection between the North and the South.

The stretch of 9.7 km, of which 7.1 underground, is covered in 16 minutes. In the eight metro stations, including one at the Central Station, travelers can every 6 minutes. On the first day travelled 60,000 people – for free – along with the North/south line, but in the long term is expected 121.000 passengers per day.

Rebellion, referendum and rising costs

With the opening comes to an end a probleemdossier where the Locals already 96 years. In 1968 came the first real plans for a north-south connection on the table, but the residents of a neighborhood that was demolished had to be, revolted. In 1988 came the file again above water, and, in 1996, there were new plans. In a referendum in 1997, percent of the participants against the project, but the turnout was too low for a valid result.

Also the construction of the new line made in the last 15 years for a lot of kopbrekens: a subway extension under the old inner city of Amsterdam proved to be more difficult than thought. Where the whole project in 1997 to 700 million euros was estimated, were the cost eventually to 3.1 billion euros.

Change offers much beauty, but also of pain, referred mayor, Femke Halsema in her opening remarks to the problems. “There is a lot to ask from Ajax and the trust in government is harmed.’

In the video on the top you see images of a test drive with the North/south line in February.

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