Taylor Swift sued to app

Among others, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian were this week accused of plagiarism to have been committed, even Taylor Swift is now accused of theft. The singer has, according to TMZ in the court to answer for her app, The Swift Life.

Taylor Swift

A computer consulting company, says that the name is stolen. An understandable thought; the sole proprietorship is called since 2007 SwiftLife. According to Patrick Bento, founder of the company has the singer never asked permission to use the name.

Bento has also suffer from that Swift his name has taken. His email address is and since Taylor is her app has developed, he is overloaded with e-mails from fans that the app and the company confuse.

In The Swift Life fans can, among others, the latest news of the singer read, exclusive viewing photos and the latest music listen.

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