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Stoffel Vandoorne after a new disappointment: “I am not forgotten how I should drive”

Again it was a very disappointing qualifying for the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne. At the Hockenheimring, he arrived again no further than the slowest time. The problems with his F1 car, continue to hold and touch but not solved.

“The situation today was the same as in Silverstone,” says Vandoorne back to his qualification. “Since then, we have by some margin the slowest car on today and the whole weekend so far we are. It is frustrating because we have a lot of parts on the car replaced and tried to solve the problems. We are, however, not yet managed to find a solution.”

The pressure on Vandoorne, and the criticism of his poor performance. Vandoorne itself recognises this even though he believes that the team itself with the hands in the hair is because the the problems with his McLaren MCL33 but not solved.

“I’m sure and not forget how I should be driving. Fernando and I drive with a similar specification of the car but on the data we see only problems with me. The team has a lot of work and effort into replacing a lot of parts. It would appear, however, that we are not making progress. The team look at the different options we still have. Finding a solution to the problem is now our priority.”

“Tomorrow I have nothing to lose, I can only make progress and hopefully we can get something from the car pick up,” decided Vandoorne.

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