Slagter quarrels with a Spaniard: ‘Was only to scold’

3cd64ded5be64d996b9670f100ca64d8 - Slagter quarrels with a Spaniard: 'Was only to scold'

The rumors that Paris Hilton on different parts of the body has to tinker go for years. According to the socialite, however, there is nothing true of stories about larger-made breasts or a corrected nose. “I never did anything to do,” said Paris against People.

Paris Hilton

“No fillers or botox never plastic surgery,” stated the 37-year-old blonde, who this week her beauty secret revealed. Paris swears by her own beauty products, which recently in the U.s. stores are located. “I use this all of two years to ensure that it works.”

According to Paris, “pro-DNA” its products unique. “It stimulates cellular rejuvenation by building collagen and makes fine lines fade.”

In addition, she will take the opinion that they as a little girl was still to heart. Paris’ mom said stay out of the sun and good lubrication was important. “I use since my eighth-creams,” says Paris.

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