Six months in prison for girl (15) that abortion suicide after rape brother

Jakarta – A 15-year-old girl last week on the Indonesian island of Sumatra was sentenced to a prison sentence of six months, because they abortion had to commit. She was pregnant with her older brother, who is in her last year eight times and raped. He in turn must two years the cell.

The teenager was already a half a year to become pregnant when they the abortion is committed. As reports news agency AFP. In Indonesia, abortion after the sixth week, is prohibited, unless a woman’s life is in danger.

The girl’s mother has her daughter helped to allow the pregnancy to terminate. They must also appear before the judge.


After in June, a babylijkje was found at a palm oil plantation, are the brother and sister held. The prosecutors of the teens may be still in occupation, because they are initially much higher penalties were required.

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