Now, all of six six movies in the works about the rescue of Thai football players from cave

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The number of films that is being prepared about the recent rescue of 12 football players from a cave in Northern Thailand, according to Thai overheidsbronnen increased to six. The government even goes to a special commission set up dedicated entirely to the supervision of the ongoing projects. That writes entertainmentmagazine Variety today.

For weeks it dominated the remarkable story of worldwide media: 12 young Thai football players came up to 18 days long to be stuck in a cave, after that the only way out under the water was gone. The lengthy rescue operation was complicated by the numerous narrow passageways where divers of the children under the water through it had pilots. In “remarkably good health” if the football players earlier this week eventually left the hospital.

The tour “mirakelredding” attracted international media attention, but is obviously also gefundenes fressen for filmmakers. “Five international film studios have to the ministries of Trade and Foreign Affairs suggested to movies and documentaries about the rescue operation,” made the Thai Culture minister Vira Rojpojchanarat announced yesterday. At least one Thai company is also developing a film.

About which production companies, has the Thai government not published. Two of the studios, however, would so quickly the story jumped that the companies were looking for suitable locations, while still not all of the children and their coach from the cave were rescued.

Discovery Channel has a documentary of an hour, “Operation of a Thai Rescue’, which last Friday in the United States was broadcast, and following Monday in Thailand is broadcast. “Now You See Me 2’director Jon M. Chu and Ivanhoe Pictures said last week that they have a movie were preparing for the rescue operation. Their announcement came a day after Pure Flix Entertainment announced that the film rights about the mission wants to acquire.

The Thai Ministry of Culture to let you know that the Thai government next week, perhaps, will agree with the creation of a special commission which will monitor all projects with regards to the dramatic rescue. From several angles sounded online have any criticism for what some have a PR-stunt of the government is called.

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