’Miley Cyrus is happier than ever’

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Miley Cyrus knows, just as her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, her peaks and valleys, but she is now finally happy again. And that’s mainly because of Liam…

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus

Via Instagram let Liam have already intimated that there is nothing true about the rumors about a break. A source late Friday on Entertainment Tonight to know that Miley just happier than ever. “Miley and Liam find the rumors very funny. Everything is going well between them. She wants people to know that all the speculation about a break are incorrect.”

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“Miley is in years not so happy as now. She feels finally that she herself has found, and she now knows what she wants in life. She also looks much healthier and she feels also. At this time it is Liam exactly what she needs in her life and they do everything together as much as possible.”

“They have been for years about their wedding plans, but they have nothing recorded. Their family wants nothing more than that they finally married, they are very enthusiastic, but they push them not. Both Miley if Liam want to have children and want to get married, but they just want nothing to rush into things.”

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