Michella Kox vs Rosanna Voorwald: ’Arrogant bitch!’

e8efda5ed2b308eebc64fe4fff9a221f - Michella Kox vs Rosanna Voorwald: ’Arrogant bitch!’

Trouble in with an old hospital wheelchair-paradise. Michella Kox, known from programs as Temptation Talk, the Ladies in the Bark and the Real girls in the jungle, in a video quite removed to Rosanna Voorwald, that we know of Temptation Island (VIPS). “People follow you simply because they you arrogant bitch!”

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Michella Kox (l.) and Rosanna Voorwald.

It escalated after a number of posts of Michella on social media, which they heat at a video of Myself in Temptation Island VIPS. “When your husband shits on you and you slowly slipping through the net!”, writes the Arnhem realityster in the fragment, followed by hashtags like #nietgezondinderkop #vindtzichzelfzoknap #naaitgraagoptv.

That left Rosanna not on her side, and so there came a response. Behind the wheel she says: “Well, Michella Kox, I think it’s really very beautiful how obsessed you are by me. That you every day something about me post. But I want you to say thank for all the followers that I get, so keep up. Top!” The blonde Temptation-contestant ends the movie with the show of her middle finger.


Michella would themselves not as they are her “friend” is not a response would be provided, and so there was another video shared. This time we see Michella, including sunglasses, are in the picture and she does an attempt to Rosanna to persifleren. “Well, Rosanna. The shit you do, because you have said that I am stupid and ugly, am. And you don’t have to thank for all of your followers and likes, because people follow you simply because they give you an arrogant bitch. Yes, they find you all that arrogant. With your hakjes out of bed… Who sleeps with hakjes? You, Rosanna Voorwald! Drugskoningin.”

When her ’imitation’ of Rosanna – the sunglasses, the high voice and the fidgeting with the hair – over, Michella directly to the blonde. “Go away. Please, go away. With your fake video. With your ’you doesn’t bother me’. What are you doing now then? Kneusje.”

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