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Liam Gallagher calls for Oasis reunion

If it is of Liam Gallagher on it, ‘the big O’ reunited.

The hugely popular British rock group Oasis fell in 2009 apart, when Noel Gallagher after a backstage fight in Paris, a walk put. He and his brother Liam were arguing about since muziekwebsites and tabloids are full, and fans that a reunion, hoped, were generally assured that it would not come. Last november promised Noel yet solemnly to the BBC that he never got along with his brother on a stage.

It seems that brother Liam, longing to have to the time of yesteryear. Thursday night he sent a tweet addressed to Noel the world. “Earth to Noel… I forgive you. Let us now, “ ” the big O” back together.’ A little later he added, ” come on.”

But Noel turns out that there is not much sense in it. Because there is but no answer came, tweette Liam Friday morning: “I interpret this as NO, as you were (‘on-the-spot tranquility’, a greeting that Liam often used and, coincidentally, also the title of one of his albums, red.).

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