It is the middle of the summer, but here drive the gritting around

Also in the Netherlands rises the mercury is these days to a great height. The inhabitants of Geldermalsen knew not what they saw when there gritting through the streets pulled. However, there is a good reason for that.

With temperatures around 30 degrees are gritting the last thing you expect on the road. Yet they drove in the Dutch municipality of Geldermalsen to salt, to sprinkle. Inhabitants looked strange on the scene, confirms spokesperson Co of Lions at RTL News. “There are people who do not fully understand. “Where are on earth are doing”, you hear.’

“But as crazy as it is not’, continues Van Leeuwen. The heat was from the upper echelons of a number of roads liquid, causing the asphalt to the tyres of the cars to stick to it. This can cause damage to the road surface and the cars arise. The salt ensures that the top layer better to the road and stick to it.

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