It does get better with Michelle Williams

fb52f0b32f7e3611fee3fe91b1e3f69c - It does get better with Michelle Williams

It goes better with Michelle Williams, who over a week ago voluntarily was admitted to a psychiatric clinic. The Destiny’s Child singer is facing for quite some time with depression.

“I feel the love! I wanted to let you know that it is better with me!”, writes the singer in a tweet. “Progress, not perfection,” she continues.

The 37-year-old Michelle, who recently, with her colleagues Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland was on display at the American festival Coachella, has always been open about her mental health problems. In a talk show told them that they are at a younger age suicidal thoughts had, but not realized that she was depressed. “I camp since I was 14 with mental health problems, only I knew then exactly what it was,” says the singer.

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