Hundreds of ’white helmets’ from Syria met

15e277e9bfb4ba764ea2cbe258bba049 - Hundreds of ’white helmets’ from Syria met

JERUSALEM – Approximately eight hundred members of the Syrian burgerbeschermingsbeweging White Helmets and their families are Sunday through Israel to Jordan is evacuated. The White Helmets are from the south-west of Syria, which Russia supported regeringsoffensief going on.

The Syrian civil defence, had appointed, The White Helmets.

The Israeli army claimed that the members and their families had to be rescued “due to immediate danger to their lives.” The evacuation was prompted by the United States and several European countries.

The movement is officially called the Syrian Burgerdefensie but the members are known for their distinctive white helmets. The group operated as reddingsorganisatie in Syrian areas that are in the hands of the rebels, and was frequently in action shortly after the bombing, often with danger for their own lives. The White Helmets were the past few years, seen as a contender for the Nobel prize for Peace.

The Jordanian news agency Petra reported that Britain, Germany and Canada have promised the White Helmets within three months.

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