’George Clooney is once again fully restored’

George Clooney is Friday again to work. He was more than a week ago, involved in an accident, but seems more to suffer from it.

George Clooney

The actor is seen while he is again lively on the set of Catch-22 around. That reports TMZ. Despite the bruising he suffered during the collision, there seems to be nothing more going on with Clooney. He walks smoothly around, and tilt with ease of stuff.

Video footage of the accident show that Clooney is on the front of the scooter flies, after the car of a sun-blinded oncoming car hits. He came up against the windshield of the car, causing the glass to burst. Then he fell to the ground. A witness to the accident tells the newspaper: “He shouted, and at first it seemed as if his legs could not move.”

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