Former advisor Trump wants ‘right-wing revolution’ fight in European Union

Steve Over, the controversial ex-advisor of president Donald Trump and figurehead of the radical right in the United States, tells The Daily Beast over the next few years to want to work for a right-wing movement in Europe.

Over wants with his future movement, The Movement to a right-wing revolution in Europe unleash’, and that with a view to the elections for the European Parliament in the spring of 2019. The 64-year-old American is going after the mid-term elections in the U.S. from the beginning of november to the half of his time in Europe.

Over strives for a ‘right-populist super-group’ in the European Parliament after the elections of 2019 to a third of the representatives should be a part. A united block of that size would have large influence on the goings-on within parliament.

The Daily Beast reports that Over his headquarters, probably in Brussels will draw. From our capital city, he wants to existing right-populist groups recommend that without professional political structures or significant budgets to operate.

Counterbalance to George Soros

To own say Over with The Movement of a counterweight for the American investor, George Soros, progressive organizations supports. According to The Daily Beast argued Over this last year, discussions with the British eurocriticus Nigel Farage, followers of Marine Le Pen, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban and Polish populists.

The Us president, Donald Trump had Over during his election campaign of 2016 appointed hoofdstrateeg, after the elections, he was the senior adviser of the White House was bombed. Because of differences of opinion with the staff of the White House, he got in August of last year.

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