Forest fires in Sweden hit but not extinguished

With the heavy forest fires in Sweden, there is no relaxation in the situation to discern, on the contrary. Saturday increased the number of fires according to the noodcel back to almost seventy.

The only hope to the many fires burning, is a drastic change of the weather, says a spokesman of the disaster agency on the Swedish radio. The fire department currently can only try an enlargement of the inferno to prevent it.

The forest fires raging all over Sweden. Alone, the three biggest in Central Sweden cover an area of 20,000 hectares. How many forest in the whole country is on fire, is for the time being not to say, said the spokesman. Again and again break new fires that, fanned by the wind, rapidly expand.

Sweden has never been bigger fires to fight. The Scandinavian country is at the extinguish on international aid designated. France and Italy each have five fire-fighting planes sent, Portugal two. Germany contributes with five blushelikopters and there is also assistance came from Norway, Lithuania, Poland and Denmark.

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