Flemish museums angry to Facebookban on a naked

ANTWERP – Flemish museums have an open letter written to Facebookbaas Mark Zuckerberg, because they find that the ban on naaktafbeeldingen is wrong. Facebook also removes painted nudity of the Flemish masters, and that is too strict, find the museums.

This painting Is by Peter Paul Rubens offensive?

Recently deleted Facebook a picture of a 30,000 year old vruchtbaarheidsbeeldje the Venus of Willendorf. Also the descent from the Cross by Peter Paul Rubens was not allowed to be shown, because Jesus is on his loincloth after completely naked on.

According to the VRT, the censorship was a thorn in the eye of Tourism Flanders, that with the project the Flemish Masters, three million people visit Flanders wants to attract in the next two years. In this way, it is difficult to use Facebook to advertise “the magnificent brush strokes” by Rubens, Pieter Bruegel or Jan van Eyck.

“To be objectionable. That is the word that is used to the breasts, buttocks, and cherubim by Peter Paul Rubens to describe. Not by us, but by you” write the directors of the great Flemish museums, hoping to see a conversation with Zuckerberg over a cup of coffee or tea “, a refreshing Belgian beer.” “Art brings people together, just as do social media.”

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