Fans relieved: Toblerone is ’great again’

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AMSTERDAM – Update – Fans of the world-famous chocolate bar, Toblerone heave a sigh of relief. The manufacturer of the bar has decided to Toblerone in the United Kingdom soon again in original format to produce – to the relief of virtually the entire nation. But according to The Guardian, there is a snag.

Two years ago, the U.s. Mondelez, the maker of Toblerone, the weight of the two types of bars to decrease the number of typical ’turrets’ of chocolate to be cut in half. Did the manufacturer by the space between two turrets remarkable broadening. The reason was according to the manufacturer has become more expensive raw materials.

For the British, the world was too small: the price of chocolate bars remained the same, but you had 50 grams less chocolate. The criticism swelled so hard, that in 2016, on Twitter more was spoken about Toblerone than about the American elections, won by Donald Trump.

“Bowie’s death, a Brexit, Trump… Just now I thought that 2016 is not worse than could be, they change the Toblerone”, was one of the criticisms on Twitter. Or: “The bar now looks more like a bike rack.” Others started an action: “Make Toblerone Great Again!’

The strips are much more expensive!

The persistent criticism has apparently helped. Mondelez has decided to return to the original format. Therefore, they will be heavier. That is 150 grams not rising again to 170 grams, but even at 200 grams.

“The new form was not the perfect answer in the long term,” said Mondelez on the decision to go to the original form to return.

However, all the euphoria may be too early. According to The Guardian, is the ’improvement’ is actually a step back. Took the bar initially is still around the £ 1, now would be the suggested retail price to retailers at £3.09. “The bar weighs 33% more, but costs 200% more”, concludes the newspaper.

Street refurbished

Twitter users have not yet inherited, and especially in the clouds. The comments range from “Forget the Brexit, Toblerone get his original form back” or “Tobleronerepen will no longer look like a street full of bombed-out houses.”

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