’Ecuador wants Assange out of embassy’

LONDON – Julian Assange, the founder of klokkenluiderswebsite Wikileaks, may lose soon his safe haven in the embassy of Ecuador in London.

“The Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno wants to be in the British capital to negotiate an agreement with Britain for Assange’s asylum to withdraw,” said investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, Saturday, on the website The Intercept.

Assange is staying for more than six years in the embassy of Ecuador. He fled thither to arrest and extradition to Sweden on accusations of rape to avoid. The Swedish justice has its investigation in may last year ended. The British authorities want him to demand arrest if he the embassy to leave because he is the law had broken through to the embassy to flee the country.

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Assange shut down the internet in embassy

The Australian fears that he will be arrested and extradited to the USA if he the embassy will be leaving. The American minister of Justice Jeff Sessions has recently accusations against Assange repeated. However, it is unclear whether the US for the extradition of the founder of Wikileaks would be asked.

Washington makes him responsible for the publication of secret American documents from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through WikiLeaks.

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During the last campaign for the Us presidential election in 2016 published the Wikileaks e-mails from the Democratic Party by alleged Russian hackers were stolen. It is suspected that losing candidate Hillary Clinton with this electoral damage was caused.

Greenwald bases his report on information from the environment of the Ecuadorian ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the office of president Moreno. There has been tension between Assange and the Ecuadorian authorities. So was Assange’s access to the internet in april closed.

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