Dead in hostage supermarket Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES – An armed man who had holed up in a supermarket in the American city of Los Angeles, and there’s dozens of people a few hours, kidnapped, arrested. During the hostage taking, which lasted three hours, the dead cases, reports the police.

The suspect has finally settled without further bloodshed, surrendered to the police. According to the police, the suspect involved in a shooting at a different place in the city. He has two people, including his grandmother, shot.

After the shooting incident fled the man with a car and he was chased by the police, where a shootout has taken place. After the chase he went to a branch of the supermarket Trader Joe’s. The building was quickly surrounded by the police. On images of the American news channel CNN was to see that some of the people in the building fled through a side door. Witnesses report that they shots have been heard in or near the supermarket.

The grandmother and other female victims of the shooting were injured, but how they exactly are is not known.

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