Chairman, Paramount TV will get the vouchers after offensive statements

The president of the American production and distribution company Paramount TELEVISION, Amy Powell, was dismissed. They had “offensive comments” made in the working environment.

According to sources, would they racist cares about black women, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

“After an in depth investigation of these allegations and spoken with those who were present, our HR and legal department to come to the same conclusion. We have decided to have Amy’s work right to end,” explains Paramount-director Jim Gianopulos.

Powell denies the allegations. “I’ve never insensitive statements made within the atmosphere, or any atmosphere whatsoever. The facts will emerge and I will justice get,” she says in a statement.

In 2013 there was new life blown in the production, which is primarily used as the televisietak of the eponymous film studio. It is the company behind series such as ’13 Reasons Why’ and ‘The Alienist’.

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